Body Business School of Massage Therapy -
About the Instructors
 Cindi Gill is the instructor for the program.
Cindi has been doing some type of massage almost all of her life. She has professionally practiced massage therapy for more than 25 years. She currently holds her state license in Texas. Throughout her career she has been trained in all types of modalities. She has had extensive training in Equine Massage Therapy. She has been teaching human massage therapy for over
18 years and equine for 16 years.
Cindi truly enjoys teaching students and her teaching approach is to keep the student comfortable and confident. In this learning atmosphere students tend to learn more and enjoy it!
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a licensed school?  
Yes, we are licensed by Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools
What registering laws are there currently for equine sports massage therapists?
Each state is different. We suggest you check with your state veterinarian board.
Where are you located? 
The school headquarter is located at 211 West Main Street in Durant, OK. The training facility will be announced upon registration. 
How long is the class?
It is a 2 day class, 8 hours per day for a total of 16 hours.
What do you cover in this class?
Anatomy, massage movements and effective sequence of the movements.
How many are in the class?
Our classes will have between 1 and 4 students. We also offer one-on-one training.
Are there any hotels in the area?
Durant has a Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn and Choctaw Resort and Casino. 
What is the cost of the Program?
$600. Visa, Mastercard, cash, check and Paypal are accepted.
How do I register?
You can call Cindi at 580-931-6299 from 10:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M.
What if I have to cancel?
No refunds are issued. You may register for one more additional class date. If you must cancel a second time you will forfeit your tuition.
What do I bring to class?
A bottle of water, notepad and pen.
What should I wear to class?
Comfortable, casual attire with closed toe shoes.